Meet Otter: A Therapy Dog



Dr. Remis has undertaken a new mission by raising a puppy to become an assistance dog! By taking on this challenge someone with a disability will hopefully be able to live a more independent life. Partnering with Canine Companies for Independence, Dr. Remis and his family will provide a safe home for Otter–a 10 week old lab– to garner the necessary skills for the job. Along with the safe home and abundance of love for the little guy, there will also be obedience classes, socialization opportunities, and a healthy diet structure set in place. Otter will live with the Remis family until he is around a year and half. These first 18 months of his life are crucial for his development with the goal of becoming a service dog. After the year and a half of fostering, Otter will venture to a Canine Companies training center to receive nine months of of professional instruction. The office is excited to welcome Otter to the team, and if you have an appointment on the right day you may even get to meet this lovable puppy. For more information about Canine Companies for Independence see the link attached!